The Wetherspoons founder spent £225,000 supporting Brexit and lost millions


Remember when Wetherspoons issued Brexit beer mats and for a good week and a half your Curry Club was no longer a safe haven from the harsh political winds of the outside world?

It was a strange and upsetting time for us all, but no one suffered more than the very Wetherspoons founder himself, Tim Martin. 

You see, Tim spent £225,000 printing the mats and touring his pubs promoting Brexit, and although he won the vote, he's now lost a lot of money. Post-Brexit, Wetherspoons shares slumped from £7.57 to a substantially lower £6.68 (although they have now bounced back to £7 today). 

In laymen's terms this means old Tim has lost £18.8 million on his 30 per cent stake of the company. Which, you know, would be terrible for me and you, but as Timmy's shares are currently worth £239.6m, this is sort of the equivalent of accidentally pulping a fiver in the washing machine. 

Still. Still.

[Via Metro