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The Wallet With An In-Built Tracking Device

The Wallet With An In-Built Tracking Device

The Wallet With An In-Built Tracking Device

You know that wallet you lost back in 2009? Tatty corners, crusty £5 note and a few loyalty cards? No, we've not found it, but we have found a better replacement you aren't going to lose again. 

This is MIJLO's smart wallet - a traditional pocket dweller whose brains don't like giving you shrewd investment tips, but in helping you find your wallet the next time you leave it behind. 

Available in three styles - clutch, bio-fold or three card slip, all finished in leather in a range of colours - the appropriately named Where's Wallet (it's not available in red and white stripes) has an in-built, unobtrusive sensor. By downloading the Where's Wallet app, you can link your smartphone to the pocket dweller, setting a notification range that will cause your both your phone and wallet to beep should you wander off without it. 

Once you've been pinged, the app will then direct you back to where you left your wallet. Worried someone else might find it before you? You can turn off the wallet's audio alert from your phone. And the battery is good to last for an impressive 10 months without recharge.

If the MIJLO Kickstarter project is a success, they're looking to add a range of features to the wallet and app, such as being able to locate your phone with your wallet, and a range of other location based features.

With the slip wallet starting at £33, the bi-fold at £45 and clutch at £65, you can expect your smart wallet to arrive in August. So, still plenty of time to lose a few bank cards between now and then.