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The Ultimate Psycho Quiz

The Ultimate Psycho Quiz

The Ultimate Psycho Quiz
05 October 2013

If Jaws made us not want to go into the ocean, then Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho is the film that made us never want to shower ever, ever again. A tense, noir mystery ride in a rundown hotel, it was a much needed injection of terror into an otherwise swinging '60s.

And, with over half a century of gestation, Psycho still rates highly on the all time top movie lists and still every bit as spoil-your-pants scary now as it was then. But just how well do you know it? Take the quiz and find out - but do be aware that if you don't score at least 15 out of 20, a madman with a knife will join you in the shower tomorrow* morning**.

*Not really

**It might be the afternoon

(Image: Rex)