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The Twin Peaks teaser trailer is here and it's just about donuts

David Lynch likes his cake-rings and coffee.

The Twin Peaks teaser trailer is here and it's just about donuts

That show you pretended to really like but only *quite liked* because that girl you fancied in your halls was into it and you were like “haha uh… yeah! Me too!” and had to blitz through two series on Netflix in a vain attempt to get laid is back!

Twin Peaks, coiffed auteur David Lynch’s mindfuck drama series, returns next year and it finally has a trailer befitting its baying audience.

Reprising his role as FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole, David Lynch sits at a desk and quietly eats a doughnut for about twenty seconds and, in a world of “HERE IS EVERYTHING— WHOOOOOOOSH! THAT WILL HAPPEN IN THE ENTIRE SHOW CONDENSED INTO NINETY SECONDS” adverts, it’s quite nice to see something that finally leaves things to the imagination. 

In case you haven’t seen the show but still wanna get laid, here’s a primer: girl died, town is spooky, everyone is suspicious, bad things happen, there’s a Log Lady, everyone drinks coffee, second series is boring and nobody watched that. 

Boom. Done.

Change your Twitter bio to “Damn good coffee” now.