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The Titanium Multi-Tool Wallet

The Titanium Multi-Tool Wallet

The Titanium Multi-Tool Wallet
26 August 2014

Some people want style from a wallet, others want utility. Fortunately this offers a handy combination of both.

The Mesh Card is made of featherweight titanium and is, essentially, a super tough base around which you can attach your wallet essentials, such as notes, and credit cards, by using a removable silicon band. It also incorporates a bottle opener, and works as a stand for your smartphone.

As if this wasn't enough, it can even stop credit card hackers, as it blocks RFID thieves from taking your details (although a polycarbonate add-on can disable this if you want to use your cards for touch payments). The bumper can also be used as a top cover to put over your cards and notes.

We recently featured an incredible 18-tool credit card - if you used this to carry that, then you'd basically be omnipotent.

You can buy it from Studio Silo for AUS $89 - head to their website to get yours.

(Images: Studio Silo)

[via Gizmodo]