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David Hockney redesigns the Sun's logo and people think he's trolling them

We heavily suspect the use of Microsoft Paint

David Hockney redesigns the Sun's logo and people think he's trolling them
03 February 2017

We’re all for embracing art. Expressionism? Yeah we’re down for that. Cubism? Love the stuff? Pop art? We’re all over it. We’re very open-minded over here.

But, come on, sometimes you have to just say: this is rubbish. After all, even Mozart must have written a dud in his time.

World-famous British artist David Hockney has redesigned the Sun’s masthead for a one-off edition of the newspaper that went out on Friday. However, let’s be honest here, he’s basically just taken the normal logo and drawn a really crap ‘sun’ and then underlined the letters in black. It must have taken less time than it did to write this sentence.

In his words: “Once I thought about the idea, it didn’t take me long.” Yeah, we can believe that.

He continued: “The sun and the Sun. I love it.”

Who could have taken the artistic leap to think of the sun when someone gave them the words ‘The Sun’?

To be fair to Hockney, it does fit within his signature style, he did design it using an app on his tablet, and he is considered Britain’s greatest living artist (although he has lived for the last 40 years in California), with a piece selling last year for £9.4million. So he does know what he’s doing. Next week the biggest-ever ­exhibition of his work opens at Tate Britain showing more than 250 artworks, although we suspect this is unlikely to be among them.

So maybe he’s just trolling the Sun? Social media users seemed to think so.

(These are actually quite good)

[Images:  Arthur Edwards/The Sun/PA]