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‘The Simpsons’ have only ever rejected one celebrity from appearing as a guest

He's quite a big name...

‘The Simpsons’ have only ever rejected one celebrity from appearing as a guest
31 July 2017

We have seen (or should that be ‘heard’) plenty of big names lend their voices to The Simpsons over the last two-and-a-half decades.

The sporting world has been represented well, with baseball legends Jose Canseco and Daryl Strawberry appearing in Season 3 and Ronaldo representing the beautiful game in Season 18.

Plenty of musicians have voiced animated versions of themselves too, from Tony Bennett (Season 2) to Aerosmith (Season 3) to Paul and Linda McCartney (Season 7).

There have even been a fair few celebrities playing one-off characters in the long-running show. We had Danny DeVito playing Homer’s half-brother Herb Powell, Dustin Hoffman guest-starring as Lisa’s teacher Mr Bergstrom, and Susan Sarandon joining the show for an episode as Bart’s ballet teacher.

But the show’s creators don’t say yes to everyone.

During a recent appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con, executive producer Al Jean fielded an audience question about whether anyone had been rejected after putting themselves forward for a guest spot.

And, as reported by The Wrap, Jean shared a full list of the big names to have missed the cut.

In true Simpsons style, we will repeat the list in alphabetical order.

Trump, Donald J.

That is all.

“Let’s just say he’s the President of the United States,” Jean said when the question was put to him.

It is unclear exactly when Trump made the request, but The Simpsons has used its own voice actors to portray the President in the recent past.

Other previous world leaders have been voiced by show regulars in the past, including George Bush Sr (voiced by Harry Shearer), Gerald Ford (Dan Castellaneta), Mikhail Gorbachev (Hank Azaria) and Bill Clinton (various voice actors, including the late Phil Hartman).

As with all of those, it looks like any future depictions of Trump will come without his input.

(Images: Frinkiac)