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The saddest film supercut ever made

We're not crying, it's just been raining on our face

The saddest film supercut ever made
06 June 2016

“It’s not your fault.”

This - the famous line repeated by Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting’s most emotionally-sapping scene - is advice well worth remembering once you start weeping uncontrollably at this video.

Which you will. Because if you’ve even a sliver of a soul inside you, you’ll be powerless to stop the waterworks rising up thanks to this epically sad supercut, compiling some of the biggest tearjerker moments in cinema into 10 minutes and 47 seconds.

It’s all those memories you’d long repressed - Disney animals being orphaned, an ugly extra-terrestrial with a manky finger comforting a small child, Spock’s final dialogue with Kirk, the heart-breaking opening of Pixar’s Up – along with enough searing orchestral tones to ensure you’ll be hit in the feels all over again.

And they had to throw Field of Dreams didn’t they? *Sniff*