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The Queen is officially a binge-drinker

This is what she gets through each day

The Queen is officially a binge-drinker
27 February 2017

Binge drinking is a nationwide problem, yet we’re almost all guilty of it. Friday and Saturday nights are particular offenders, but you’d be surprised how a few mid-week after-work drinks tip over into the “officially” recognised binge drinking scales. Basically, Drinkaware states that for men it’s eight units in a single session (or “sesh”, if you’re a legend) and for women it’s six.

Anyway, onto the Queen. The Independent has recently revealed that her alcohol intake never changes – it’s the same every day.

She starts the day off with a gin and Dubonnet, with a slice of lemon and lots of ice, before lunch. This particular drink is basically like an extra alcoholic gin and tonic, what with Dubonnet itself being 15% – that’s replacing a non-alcoholic mixer with more alcohol. We haven’t done that since uni. Her favourite gin is Gordon’s, by the way, and it holds a royal warrant, which is a great thing to bring up when you want to order the cheapest gin in the pub.

Next up she has a glass of wine with lunch, then in the evening she knocks back a dry martini before rounding out her Leo Sayer by poppin’ bottles in the ice like a blizzard with a glass of champagne. This could be any of the eight fizzies that hold a royal warrant: Veuve Clicquot, Moët & Chandon, Louis Roederer, Laurent-Perrier, Lanson Père et Fils, Krug, GH Mumm or Bollinger. Or all eight at once, knowing her.

Add all of this together and you get six units, so she’s officially a binge drinker by the recognised standards. And that’s every day – the Queen swills it hard. You thought your big two-nighter this weekend was impressive? How’s your new home under the table, you fresher?


[Image: Rex]