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The new ShortList website arrives next week

Find out what ShortList has in store

The new ShortList website arrives next week
18 April 2019

Things are about to change here at ShortList. But sometimes change is good.

Next week, we will unwrap the brand new version of the ShortList website. It will deliver the same movie, TV, lifestyle and fun tech news we publish daily, and a lot more besides.

First up: shortlists. These are perfect for a browse on your lunch break or in a packed train on your way to work. We’ll dig into every topic under the sun.

Want to know the best folding bikes available? The scariest TV programmes on Netflix? Or which Doctor Who incarnation Shortlist readers think was the best? You’ll find it all in our shortlist articles. It’s everything, ordered.

Shortlists let you have your say too. You can upvote and downvote items. Show some love to the film on Netflix you think everyone should see, or that bottle of craft beer you think everyone should try.

We’ll go deeper too.

New ShortList reviews let you check out the best of the best in every category that matters. Our professional testers spend months with the most highly regarded and popular products, to find out which you should buy. Say goodbye to losing days to research when you want to buy a wireless speaker or a new bike.

Ever wondered which mascara will get you perfect extension and clump-free volume for under £20? Yep, that’s coming up too.

We’ll also have the verdict on the best electric toothbrush for your bathroom, the soundbar your living room deserves, and the coffee maker that belongs in your kitchen. Marketing speak and techy jargon is left out. Rock-solid advice backed up by real-world testing is what you’ll find here.

Make sure to visit next week if you have any intention of buying earphones, hair straighteners, a travel backpack, a hair dryer, or a pair of running shoes any time soon.

And even if your purse is locked up tighter than a bank vault, the new ShortList has plenty of content to keep you entertained without even a whisper about spending money.