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The New Emoji Headed To Your Phone Next Year

The New Emoji Headed To Your Phone Next Year

The New Emoji Headed To Your Phone Next Year
12 October 2015

Language is regressing.

We're not saying that from a linguistic high horse, our noses thrust firmly in a copy of the Oxford English Dictionary.

It's an observation of the rising power of the emoji - that in the age of instant communication, words are failing us and pictorial representations are finding growing preference. It's basically hieroglyphics and cave wall paintings all over again. 

The Unicode Technical Committee (UTC) - keepers of all things emoji - has released a 67-strong set of 'character' candidates hoping to appear in 2016's Unicode 9.0 release (the code that unifies all pictorial-based emoji faces). 

The final list of new emoji will be announced when the UTC meets in May 2016 - a meeting whose minutes are recorded exclusively in emoji (yeah, we made that up - but could you imagine?).

These are some of the faces we hope will be appearing next year.


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Cowboy face

For barn dances, hoedowns and descriptions of builders


For nightmares

Drool face

For that moment you smell your housemate's cottage pie


Because this is life now

'Call me' hand

Easily transformed into a 'booty call' emoji with the combination of a winky face

Bat emoji

For calling in vigilante justice

Bacon emoji

To be used every Saturday morning around 11am

Tumbler glass

For sophisticated nights in/Mad Men binge sessions

Modern pentathlon

Nope. We don't get this one either


For when you're 'up shit creek'