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How To Improve Your Battery Life With iOS 9

How To Improve Your Battery Life With iOS 9

How To Improve Your Battery Life With iOS 9
22 September 2015

How's that iOS 9 working out for you? 

Revelling in the taco emoji? Having Siri organise your every waking hour? Cursing as your battery life crashes to 15 per cent by 11am. 

If your old iPhone is creaking under the strain of the latest iOS, you might want to explore the following settings to add a few more hours to your juice use.

Simple, straightforward stuff. 

Find the battery drainers

iOS 8 gave an insight into which apps were gobbling through your battery life - but iOS 9 gets even more specific. 

Head to 'Settings', then 'General', then 'Battery'. This screen should present you with a list of apps that consume the most of your battery as a percentage. Hit the clock in the upper right of the screen and you'll get a read out in minutes - both 'on screen' and running in the 'background'. 

Time to axe that Snapchat session.

Hold off on Background App Refresh

How often do you need to know tomorrow's weather forecast? Or the current play of the stock exchange? Or need stories to download to your feed reader app?

Many apps will request your iPhone for "Background App Refresh" - a service that lets them constantly grab new data, draining your battery in the process. Some are useful (email, social updates), some aren't. 

If you head to 'Settings', 'General''Background App Refresh', you'll be provided with an insight into which apps are using this feature. Kill the drainers, keep those you can't do without.

Ditch the animations

Yes, animations are lovely, and they make your phone look like it was made for 2015 and not 2005 - but they're power hungry little grubbers.

If you need a few extra hours, head to 'Settings''General''Accessibility''Reduce Motion'

Things might look a touch more static, but you'll be able to order that Uber at 3 AM now.

Do the obvious

Yes, you once read about that battery saving feature a while ago, and that Bluetooth fact, but be honest, you'd totally forgotten about it like your Dad's birthday.

Here are the easy ways of squeezing out your cell life.

Activate low power mode: The clue is in the name. Head to 'Settings''General', 'Battery' and turn on 'Low Power Mode'. But you knew that.

Kill Bluetooth: Don't have anything connected? Then why have you got Bluetooth turned on? Head to 'Settings''Bluetooth' and flick it off.

Waste the widgets: Again, some widgets might be useful to keep in your drop down menu - but do you really need that update on your Farmville score? Get rid of it.

Lower the brightness: The brighter the screen, the more power it's sucking up. You can turn it down via 'Settings''Display & Brightness'. Bright idea.

Drop the iPhone 6S functions: You won't have these yet (unless you've stolen a review model), but the new 3D Touch and Live Photos will both use up battery like never before. Yes, they're very fancy, but if you're in need of a boost, turn them off.

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[Via: Mashable]