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The McBaguette

To be served with French fries...

The McBaguette

It's a depressing yet comfortable sight. You're discovering a new city outside of your own country and on every damn corner there's a McDonald's.

And despite your travel companion insisting that you have to try the Big Mac as it "tastes different abroad", you steer well clear, knowing full well that authentic cuisine will not be found under the golden arches.

Well, not for much longer. McDonald's are making a more concerted effort to fit in by introducing a range of burgers that are tailored to the country they can be purchased in.

So, it all starts with the McBaguette in France. The rustic bread will include a Charolais burger with French-made Emmental cheese and mustard. It will be launched in April across the 1,228 restaurants nationwide.

It will join the Rye McFeast, a burger served on a rye bun, in Finland and specially made Gazpacho in Spain.

McDonald's have already launched McCafés internationally and they've been surprisingly well-received in France given, you know, French people. They serve macarons and slices of baguette for breakfast.