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The 'Jurassic Park' theme is even better when it's conducted by a dinosaur

The best movie score of all time just got better

The 'Jurassic Park' theme is even better when it's conducted by a dinosaur
07 April 2017

Let’s begin by stating the obvious: the Jurassic Park soundtrack is the greatest of all time. 

Close your eyes when someone presses play on John Williams’ simply majestic theme and immediately you’re transported to that luscious green land of endless discovery, where at any given second a hateful raptor could emerge from the trees and tear you to shreds. Beautiful. 

No movie score is as stirring as Jurassic Park’s, as powerful in the imagery it evokes. Think about how many times you’ve hummed it for the duration of a morning shower. Just think about that for a second. 

It’s lodged itself into your head again, hasn’t it? It’s taken up residency until at least Monday. Da-da-daaaaaa, da-da-daaaaa, da-da-daaaa, da-da-da-da-duuuh. Wonderful.

But it turns out we’ve only been experiencing the Jurassic Park theme at 90% of its true potential. That is to say, it can be even better. Thanks to the Colorado Symphony, we now have a live rendition conducted by a fucking dinosaur. 

Inside the costume was the orchestra’s actual conductor, the excellently named Christopher Dragon. Colorado’s Comic Con event hosted the unique performance. We’re already on our fourth listen.