The Internet Just Taught Nutella A Valuable Lesson In Advertising


This story is probably best summed up by the comments of one amused Twitter user:

“Social media can be your friend or enemy. Make sure you use it correctly.”

It all started in a fairly innocent manner when Nutella Australia posted a picture of their famed chocolate spread (with a hint of hazelnut, obviously) on social media with the label blurred out.

Saying, in the way that brands often do on social media, ‘Something pretty exciting is coming… featuring you!’.

The post picked up several thousand likes, a fairly tragic sign of the times if ever we've seen one but we digress, which probably pleased lots of Nutella bigwigs.

It was then revealed that Nutella’s big surprise would, wait for it… be the opportunity to write your own labels. Which given the dramatic build up is fairly disappointing.

And thus, the internet in its infinite glory decided to jump aboard the fun wagon and take as many liberties as possible with the campaign.

The results of which you can see below.

The learning? If you relinquish control to the internet masses, expect jokes about poo.