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The inside of Drake’s California mansion will give you serious home envy

Hold on, we're going (to a massive) home

The inside of Drake’s California mansion will give you serious home envy

High above the highways of Hidden Hills, California, on a three-acre compound some 30 miles from Los Angeles, the singer known as Drake is currently giving Hugh Heffner a run for his money.

He’s not shipping in truckloads of Viagra, but rather living the high life in a mansion that almost redefines the term baller: think man-made grotto, illuminated pools, 25 seater cinema, tennis court, basketball court, mechanical bull and a bookshelf which swings open to reveal a bedroom.

Originally on the market for $27m, when Drake got wind that the previous owner, a steakhouse-chain restaurateur, was at a low point, he took full advantage, eventually paying just $7.7m for the property in 2012: "He needed money, since admitted the singer, "I stole it from him!"

No guessing what amenities attracted him more than most: "One of my goals in life is to have the biggest residential pool on the planet,” he once told Rolling Stone when the publication visited his sprawling man palace, built in the seventies. And thanks to these pictures of the R&B star's dwellings, which he dubs the YOLO estate, you can take a peek for yourself...

[Via: Business Insider]