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The Ingenious Suit Suitcase

The Ingenious Suit Suitcase

The Ingenious Suit Suitcase

You've arrived for the wedding. Sweaty, disheveled and late; at least you've managed to arrive before the bride.

You wave a hasty "Hullo" to the groom, pile into the cramped venue toilet and dive into your suitcase. With sickening inevitability, you discover that your suit and shirt resemble a discarded crisp packet. You throw it on and, with the appearance of man who spent his night on a park bench, take a seat at the very back of the service. 

What you really needed was this wheeled saviour - the Vocier C38. 

While all outward indications would lead you to think this is a slick-but-average wheeled suitcase, Vocier have created an folding internal layout that ensures your suit and shirt won't get mangled in transit.

The "zero-crease system" essentially folds your outfit around the inner lining of the 55 by 40 by 20cm case (that's the international carry-on standard size), retaining a space in the middle of the C38 for your shoes, essentials and wash bag (and 3DS, obviously). 

At £545 it certainly doesn't come cheap, but if you're frustrated by your luggage's inability to look after your formal attire, it might be worth the upgrade. You can find more details on the C38 here

[Via: Acquire]