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The Google Pixel 8 Pro is here! 5 things you need to know

Google's latest flagship is a smartphone with emphasis on the 'smart'.

The Google Pixel 8 Pro is here! 5 things you need to know
Marc Chacksfield
04 October 2023

Google has taken the wrappers off of its latest flagship smartphone, the Google Pixel 8 Pro. This is Google's answer to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, a premium phone that is brimming with new camera tech, bigger processing power and a look that will turn heads.

While Google may be best known for its Android software in the phone world, for a number of years now it has been creating innovative smartphones that utilise the likes of AI to offer a smartphone experience that is up there with the best.

For example, there's a new Object Temperature mode - the idea of this is that you can test the temperature of myriad objects with your phone which sounds like fun but, if approved, will also be able to take your own temperature - doing away with the need of a thermometer. And there's also a whopping seven years of Android software and security updates.

Here are 5 things to know about the Google Pixel 8 Pro...

The Google Pixel 8 Pro is here! 5 things you need to know
Image Credit: Google

1. Display wise, the Google Pixel 8 Pro is flat-out fantastic

Where the Google Pixel 7 Pro has a slight curve to the screen, the Google Pixel 8 Pro is perfectly flat. When it comes to resolution, the Pixel 8 Pro's screen is the same as the Pro 7 (1440x3120 pixels), the refresh rate has been tweaked (120Hz; the difference here is that the 8 Pro can dynamically adapt from 1-120Hz, not just 60/120Hz) and it is actually the brightest-ever Pixel, at 2400 nits peak.

2. New Pixel, new pumped-up processor

The Google Pixel 8 Pro has a brand-new processor. Again, it's Google's own silicone but this time it is the Tensor G3 chip that is in the device. What does that bring? Well, more AI smarts that's what and an improvement to both computing and graphics.

As well as this, the lowest-spec'd Pixel 8 Pro now comes with 12GB RAM, which is pretty hefty. AND there's a brand-new 1TB storage option which is a lot of space for those cat memes.

3. Cameras have just been upgraded, big time

Let's face it, the time when we actually used a phone as a phone is long gone. For the most part, you are watching TikTok, Netflix and taking your own photos on the device.

The good news is for all your picture takers, the cameras have been upgraded significantly. Given Google's camera specs are already impressive, this is very good news.

The Google Pixel 8 Pro camera specs are as follows:

  • Main (new 50MP, f/1.68)
  • Wide (48MP, f/1.95)
  • Tele (5x, 48MP, f/2.8)

It's the wide-angle that impresses the most, with an upgrade from 12MP to 48MP. Add to this 5x zoom lenses and faster aperture (more light!) and what you have is a very intelligent camera system.

Software wise, there's Best Take, where AI will look for the best picture possible and if, say, there isn't one then will dig through your photo history to match up eyes and smiles, if they are missing from the image.

The video side of things has improved as well. Google still has brilliant Night Sight for stills shooting but it has also added this to video, so if you are shooting at night the look of the video should be significantly improved thanks to something called Video Boost.

4. Battery is boosted but only slightly

The battery on the Google Pixel 8 Pro is marginally better than on the 7 Pro on paper. It's 5050mAh battery, compared to 5000mAh battery. What has been improved is charging times.

When you are charging from a wired connection, you get 30W compared to 23W. This isn't the speediest but the upgrade will be welcomed by Pixel users. Wireless is on board but the charging power stays at 23W.

The Google Pixel 8 Pro is here! 5 things you need to know
Image Credit: Google

5. There are new colours to gawp at

The Google Pixel 8 Pro comes in an array of new colours, including Obsidian, Porcelain and Bay Blue. For us, it's the Blue one that looks the best, giving the Pixel a cool factor but they all look decent.

If you are looking for different colours, then the smaller and not as spec heavy Google Pixel 8 comes in Obsidian, Snow and the rather snazzy Hazel.

The Pixel 8 Pro will cost at launch: £999 / €1049 / $TBC.