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The funniest reactions to Yorkshire Day on Twitter and beyond

Ey up, me duck - it's Yorkshire Day. Now sup thi tea (and try to translate what on Earth people are talking about)

The funniest reactions to Yorkshire Day on Twitter and beyond

Yorkshire. It truly is God's Own County, isn't it? 

The land of Greatest Living Yorkshireman™ Geoffrey Boycott, Sean Bean, Yorkshire Tea/Dales/PUDDING and "Cock" as a term of endearment - of course it has its own day in the calendar.

Perhaps the single best thing about the region? Its humour. Drier than a kilo bag of porridge oats, the Yorkshire wit is self-deprecating and chest-thumpingly patriotic in equal measure.

Social media's outdone itself this year, and you can see the very best Yorkshire Day offerings below (although users from Lancashire may wish to look away now).

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Some started their day with a cuppa

...including cricket legend Michael Vaughan

In good company

Others saw Yorkshire Day as the perfect time to stoke local rivalries

Sorry Lancashire (don't shoot the messenger, 'kay?)

We really are very sorry, Lancs

Guys, come on...

Anyone got a Yorkshire to English phrasebook handy?

You know a county's great when even road signs get laughs

For some, Yorkshire's much more than a county

Obligatory Bean

As stereotypes go, these aren't half bad

...these either

Ok, this one less so

The big dog (sorry, bird)



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Yes, very punny

So much pun

In true Yorkshire style, some folk don't understand what all the fuss is about

"Project Fear" reaches new heights

By gum!

Romance: not dead

Yorkshire Day: we have a winner

Wait, no. This wins. Happy Yorkshire Day, puddings!