Reading this will make you never want to use free weights in the gym ever again


New research shows that your workout might make you more sewer rat than gym rat, as the bacteria found on most gym equipment will make your skin crawl.

Fitness reviews site Fitrated swabbed 27 pieces of equipment in three different gyms, and the results aren't pretty. Free weights are the worst offenders, with 362 times more bacteria than most toilet seats worked deep into those grips — worryingly half the bacteria on weights were of a type than can be resistant to antibiotics. 

Joggers can't outrun it either, as the treadmills tested highest for numbers of gram-positive cocci bacteria, a common cause of skin infections, pneumonia and even septicemia. 

If this is just the excuse you need to skip that session and head to the pub instead, you can't escape that easily. Even though the levels of bacteria are high, there's no reason to think it's unsafe, so long as you avoid going barefoot (probably best considering the weights rolling around anyway) and wash your hands after a workout. 

So hit the showers, you filthy animal! 

(Image: Fitrated)