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The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance arrives on Netflix and should be your next binge watch

Incredible series pushed fantasy boundaries

The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance arrives on Netflix and should be your next binge watch
Marc Chacksfield

The Dark Crystal is out now and is without a doubt one of the best Netflix TV shows around right now.

It's been a long time coming for Jim Henson's puppet opus to get a sequel. The original movie came out way back in 1982 so it's taken over 35 years, and the might of Netflix, to revisit Thra, the land of the Mystics.

But it's worth the wait. Over 10 hour-long episodes we find out what happened before Jen and Kira, not only opening up the Dark Crystal world but improving on it, with some fantastic practical effects and a storyline that's better than what we got in the original movie.

This means that you should prepare to be scared again by the vulture-like Skeksis, who are very much the villains here, and there's definite Lannister feelings about how the all interact - they even get Lena Headey in to voice one of the big bads.

Other voice stars include Jason Isaacs, Natalie Dormer, Alicia Vikander, Taron Egerton and Mark Hamill. They've even got Sigourney Weaver to narrate.

This Dark Crystal prequel is epic storytelling and exactly what Netflix should be bringing out - who would have thought that the new Game of Thrones would be a show about puppets?

Watch The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance on Netflix now.

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