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The computer trainers

Just don't get them wet

The computer trainers
15 March 2011

Technology moves at a ridiculously infuriating pace. By the time you've finished reading this sentence, Apple will have announced another new iPad to replace the one you haven't even pre-ordered yet.

Which means that certain crafty individuals have been stripping their newly prehistoric computers and using the parts for variously inventive endeavours.

First there was the guy making skylines from the innards of his PC, then there was the guy who turned floppy disks into pieces of art and now it looks like the trend is moving to fashion.

Junk artist Gabriel Dishaw has brought an electric sheen to the Nike Air Max 2011 trainers with this "upcycled" pair. Parts include a typewriter case, wires, metal strips, a USB port and even part of a 747 airplane oxygen mask.

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