The Cheeky Nandos Song Is Here and Humanity May Be Doomed


We feared that this was only a matter of time, but now it's here we suppose there's a sense of relief that it's over.

Yes, an ode to a 'cheeky Nandos', with a 'special mention to all the LADs who in their constant search of 'bantz' inevitably dine in what is known as the finest chicken restaurant in the world.

It's been made by - of course - the PERI BOYZ - and we particularly like the Sellotaped-on Nandos badge of the waitress.

In truth, it has its moments - the look of utter disgust when one of the 'lads' is asked if he's been to Nandos before is a thing of beauty.

It also reminds us of music's previous greatest ode to the joys of chicken: Junior Spesh by Red Hot Entertainment from way back in 2007 (for kids reading, that was shortly after the end of the Stone Age and the discovery of electricity).

We wonder, is a Junior Spesh still £1.50? It seems unlikely but we live in hope. And where is Jaxor these days? Probably working in a Nandos come to think of it.