The Calendar That Grows A Beard For You


Do you struggle to get past the itch-phase of beard growth? Does facial hair give you the appearance of an earnest tramp? Then forget about growing your own chin warmer this year and let a calendar do it for you.

The work of Ukrainian designer Anna Marinenko, the Bearded Year is a calendar substitute to the time-consuming task of growing your own beard. 

Each month consists of a transparent sheet of acrylic: dates sit along the lower edge of the sheet, beneath an illustrated depiction of a month's-worth of hair growth. As the months build up, so does the girth and build of the beard, culminating in a wizard-like December. 

Available from Marinenko's Etsy page, you can live out your vicarious beard desires with the Bearded Year for £39.73. 

(Images: Anna Marinenko)

[Via: Designboom]


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