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Hugh Jackman Is Crowd Sourcing The Plot For The New Wolverine Film

Hugh Jackman Is Crowd Sourcing The Plot For The New Wolverine Film

Hugh Jackman Is Crowd Sourcing The Plot For The New Wolverine Film

It looks like Hugh Jackman is feeling nostalgic for his iconic character and probably now alter ego, Wolverine.

The Aussie posted a moody picture for his twitter fans to snap at like the fiendish piranhas they are, stating the next project will be the last time he puts on the claws. He asks for fan's opinions, “What do you want to see happen?” and the people responded in kind.

Amdist the replies that misread the tweet (there was much blubbing at a future where Jackman isn’t growling on screen, reminding us that Hugh is THE ONLY WOLVERINE!!!), there were a few fans that managed to rustle up some imaginative suggestions and call to mind old comic stories with promise.

Here are our favourite plot lines. 

A Yellow Hero

Top of the list is a fashion flick - because everyone is desperate to see what Wolverine looks like in a banana coloured jump suit. Perhaps he’s planning on joining Spinal Tap? If a storyline emerges that features the classic yellow suit, it's bound to bring the audience in.

Old Man Logan

Old Man Logan is a promising shout from many (including Jackman): it offers up the possibility of a mature story and would also be a chance to introduce a son.

It also opens up the possibility of amalgamating a bunch of super heroes, following in The Avengers build - but it could also mean that Old Man Logan would have to face daily troubles. Such as paying the rent. 

Deadpool partnership

The eventual arrival of a Deadpool film after the popular outcry of fans could point to why Jackman has sought to appease the fans with this Twitter exercise. 

It could also indicate why Wolverine is putting his claws to bed: now that a Deadpool is going to be smearing blood across our screens in the near future as the new violent hero, maybe we could see Logan retire in a Deadpool versus Wolverine movie collaboration? 

Wolverine: The Musical

A surprising number of fans want to see Wolverine find himself in a musical world, given Jackman's talent for carrying a tune.

Not every Tom, Dick and Brosnan can get away with a post-macho movie musical though.

Hulk vs Wolverine

The Hulk vs Wolverine storyline proved hugely popular, despite the complications of the Wolverine character currently belonging to a separate movie studio than Marvel. 

Maybe they should start negotiations to bring Logan back into the stable and have Thor to take part as well, to favour an old comic storyline. 

Another Origin attempt?

Some fans were desperate to see Wolverine dredge up his past, again.

Let's be honest, even Wolverine doesn't have enough healing power to make it through the hurt that is the current Origin film. 

The outsider?

Our favourite?

@K__McGee tweeted “Butter sculpture finals with Edward Scissorhands and a plucky outsider Captain Hook.”

Perhaps best to leave the ideas to the professional writers: give them some comics to read and don’t forget the blasted yellow suit!