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10 Best Apps For Surviving Music festivals

Don’t leave home without them

10 Best Apps For Surviving Music festivals

Wellington boot stock prices are soaring, tent prices are up and supermarkets are chocked full of beer offers. Festival season has begun.

To ensure you don’t end up wandering around a field in the dark sobbing, "Where’s my tent?", here are the essential tools to help you make the most of your time in the wilderness.

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Still the best Twitter aggregator out there, this is the quickest way to ensure you're on top of what's going on on site. Follow hashtags, browse announcements and keep an eye out for "secret gig" announcements.



Breaks down the time remaining on your phone’s functions including playback and Wi-Fi.

99p, iOS

Met Office App

Find out whether you need to pack flip-flops or wellies. Or both.

Free for both iOS and Android


Despite the best efforts of Tidal, this is still the go-to solution for portable music streaming. To help you educate yourself on bands’ music — no one likes a fair-weather fan.

£9.99 a month


Obvious, but you might have forgotten about this one. Useful for zipping up your tent in the dark. Also good for the night-time toilet run.


Tent finder

Stand next to your tent and log its location, then use this app to guide you in at 2am.

79p, iOS - though there are Android alternatives


Upload your location, say how long you’ll be there and wait while your friends find you.



Instant chat, pictures and video messaging, so you can see the bands you’re missing.



A video editor to upload live footage of bands for your friends at home to feel jealous.



Take vintage pictures and make it look like you were at Woodstock.

Various options