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The All-In-One Apple Concept

The All-In-One Apple Concept

The All-In-One Apple Concept

There are plenty of Apple fanboys and girls out there who own a desktop Mac, a portable MacBook, and the ultra-portable iPad, requiring all manner of syncing, as well as the highly-costly job of replacing them every few years as newer models come on the market.

But industrial design student Cristian Tomas Moyano has invented a brilliant concept which would make all of that a thing of the past, with an ingenious design that combines all three devices, to create one super-powerful 'Apple lightMac'.

It consists of a central square unit, containing most of the power, surrounded by two L-shaped modules, capable of projecting a screen of varying size, which could offer the experience of a touchscreen tablet.

The full idea is shown in the panels below; Moyano suggests a 2025 date for this sort of technology being available; we'd suggest that Tim Cook and the rest of the Apple team take a look at this now and get cracking.

(Images: Cristian Tomas Moyano)

[via Design Taxi]