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The 5 games we want PlayStation to turn into mobile apps

Sony is doing a Nintendo - and that's a very good thing.

The 5 games we want PlayStation to turn into mobile apps
24 March 2016

Sony is doing a Nintendo - and that's a very good thing.

Just a year shy of Nintendo's announcement that it would be entering the mobile gaming market, Sony has revealed that it too will be entering the world of apps.

Under the altered name of Sony Interactive Entertainment (changed from Sony Computer Entertainment), a new subsidiary, ForwardWorks, will start producing "fully-fledged game titles" for smartphones that use PlayStation's extensive list of exclusive characters and IP. 

While there's no timeline on which games will be arriving first, we've delved into PlayStation's back catalogue to propose the titles we'd most like to get our thumbs on.

Gran Turismo

With international sales of over 76 million copies, Gran Turismo is one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time.

Every new iteration of the PlayStation has been launched by one of these acclaimed racing titles, so it would make sense that Sony cashes in on the popularity to make a solid entry into the mobile market. 

It could also work as a dreaded 'freemium' title: race online to build up points to unlock new cars and tracks, or just spend 10p to download that Ferrari you've been dribbling over all week.

Spyro the Dragon

Oh come on, don't pretend you don't want an excuse to play one of your favourite childhood platformers again.

With simple controls and a challenging world of jumps, puzzles and colourful foes, we'd happily pay good money to play a pocket-sized adventure based on the original games.

Heck, the latest smartphones have more grunt than the original PlayStation - just give us a simple remake and we'll be chuffed to bits.

Crash Bandicoot

And if they won't give us Spyro, then surely they'd fight to resurrect their one-time mascot, Crash Bandicoot?

Sony certainly has an interest in the old dog; back in February, the official Twitter account of PlayStation Middle East dropped a tantalising image of the classic character that set the hearts of gamers a-flutter - but no further comments have been made since.

£2 to plough through a tweaked version of the original game on your bus route home? Of course you'd pay it.


Sure, there are already a heap of fighting games available for smartphones - but none of them quite have the polish of PlayStation's old school fighter (though this comes close).

Stuck in a tedious work meeting? How about a sly game of Yoshimitsu vs Kazuya Mishima? Smash out a killer combo on your touch screen and fail to keep your celebrations in check. 

We can't wait.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

There was once an app version of this classic skater game - but it was mysteriously pulled from Apple's App Store in 2015. 

Could PlayStation have been taking stock of the titles it wanted to revamp for its own attempt at mobile gaming? We can but hope. We've been meaning to break our grind record on the School area for the better part of a decade.