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The $300 iPhone lens that’ll turn you into a pro mobile photographer

Your iPhone photography is about to get a serious boost

The $300 iPhone lens that’ll turn you into a pro mobile photographer
07 January 2016

Take great pride in your iPhone photography? Capable of listing off every Instagram filter from memory? You've just found your new travel companion.

These curved marvels are the latest set of the iPhone camera accessories from Exolens - the result of a sponsored_longform with the photography masters of Carl Zeiss Lenses.

Three new lenses have been released by ExoLens: a wide-angle, macro and a telephoto lens, all attaching to the back of an iPhone 6/6 Plus via a sturdy aluminium frame. 

While the lenses won't transform your iPhone photography to rival that of a DSLR, at $299 (for a kit including the mount, macro and wide-angle lenses) it's a good deal cheaper than splashing out on high end equipment. 

The iPhone sports one of the best smartphone cameras around thanks to the sensor technology sitting behind its small lens. The ExoLens kit just puts more finely-tuned optics in front of this.

Set to arrive later this year, UK prices are yet to be announced. 

Until then, we'll just have to stick with low-grade selfies.