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The 13 Most Intense Faces From The New Star Wars Trailer

The 13 Most Intense Faces From The New Star Wars Trailer

The 13 Most Intense Faces From The New Star Wars Trailer
20 October 2015

Seven. Maybe eight times.

We'll be honest, we lost count of how many times we've watched the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens this morning, but it borders on obsessive. 

We wondered how we might best tear this new footage apart - whether we should pause it frame-by-frame to go through the probable story lines and speculate on some of the finer moments of exposition.

Then we noticed how ruddy intense everyone in the trailer looks.

Seriously, in two and a half minutes of Force-filled goodness, everyone looks like they've been asked the square root of 127.

These are our favourites...

Rey's (Daisy Ridley) pensive stare

"Did I remember to series link The Apprentice? Guess I could watch it on iPlayer if needs be..."

Finn's (John Boyega) sudden realisation

"Oh god... did I just shart?"

Chewie and Han's disbelief

"Where the hell are the cop, Indian and workman at?"

Finn's frustration

"Of all the places to drop my contact lenses. Worst. Planet. Ever."

Kylo Ren's (Adam Driver) moment of existentialism

"If you ask me to hold one more time I'm axing my O2 contract and moving to EE. You really aren't respecting my customer loyalty here."

Poe Dameron's (Oscar Isaac) angry face


Rey and Finn have their minds blown

"Wait, Ross from Friends is a douche?"


Han Solo's (Harrison Ford) frustration

"Damn youths."

Finn's wistful gaze

"They were right... Davidoff Cool Water does enhance my inner masculinity..."

Rey and Finn lose their sh*t



Tears of Rey

"But the box said to toast for four minutes?! These Pop-Tarts are RUINED."

Dameron's sass

"You've got indicators for a reason! Jackass."

Rey's anger

"What do you mean, 'Do I floss'? What kind of a question is that?"