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The 12 TV shows to watch in 2013

The 12 TV shows to watch in 2013

The 12 TV shows to watch in 2013
17 December 2012

No doubt we’ll begin 2013 with the best intentions – eat more veg, cut back on the booze, get more exercise and all that – but give it a few days and we’ll slip back into our usual routine.

But when that routine involves eating the finest pizzas extant while sat on our sofa sipping a brewski and viewing the best TV, we can’t complain.

Here are the 12 shows we’re most looking forward to in 2013. Now, where’s that pizza takeaway menu…

The Following

Kevin Bacon stars as the FBI agent who is persuaded to come out of retirement for one last gig. James Purefoy is Bacon’s antagonist – an Edgar Allen Poe-obsessed scholar who slips effortlessly into the position of bloody serial killer. The show promises to be a fun and surprisingly gory psychological thriller, and another hit for Kevin Williamson.

Release date: January 22, Sky One

House Of Cards

The more mature readers among you might be able to remember the original House of Cards (and its two sequels). A stunning piece of political intrigue and deception, it’s being remade by David Fincher in the US with Kevin Spacey in the lead role of master manipulator Francis Urquhart - although he’ll be renamed Underwood for US audiences.

Release date: February 1, Netflix

Arrested Development

After six years, and despite rumours to the contrary, we had given up hope of an Arrested Development reunion. Well, we should have listened to the rumours because the Bluth family are back, Back, BACK, baby! Between 12 and 15 episodes will premiere on Netflix early next year. It will be a happy new year indeed.

Release date: Early 2013, Netflix

Da Vinci's Demons

While The Young Sherlock Holmes was passable, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles was mostly pony. Here’s hoping that the historical fantasy Da Vinci’s Demons, which looks at the life of young Leonardo da Vinci (Tom Riley), is an improvement on both.

Release date: Spring 2013, FX UK

Parks & Recreation

Ok, not strictly a new show – it’s onto its fifth season in the US – but 2013 will see the Amy Poehler-starring hit political comedy come to UK screens for the first time. Inspired by The Office (don’t worry, it evolves), it stars the ever-charming Poehler as well-meaning but officious Deputy Parks Director Leslie Knope. Co-stars Rashida Jones and Nick Offerman flesh out this sardonic treat marvellously.

Release date: Spring, BBC4

Do No Harm

A timely remix of the evergreen Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde story, Do No Harm centres on a talented neurosurgeon Dr Jason Cole (played by Steven Pasquale) who harbours a dark secret. Every night he is transformed into a menacing alter ego Ian Price, a creature thoroughly unrecognisable from Cole.

Release date: Spring, Watch


Originally broadcast as part of Channel 4’s 2011 Comedy Showcase season, Sky1 has commissioned a full series of this comedy show about three men who didn’t fight in World War 1. The Inbetweeners’ Simon Bird and Joe Thomas and their regular writing partner Jonny Sweet star as the young men attempting to justify their actions and prove that they’re not what the title of the show believes them to be.

Release date: Summer, Sky One

Bates Motel

Ever wondered what compelled Norman Bates to behave in such an erratic manner in Alfred Hitchcock’s classic Psycho? This 10-part drama starring Freddie (Charlie & The Chocolate Factory) Highmore as Norman and Vera (Up In The Air) Farmiga as his mother Norma will look to provide the answers. You can watch the creepy teaser trailers here.

Release date: TBC

Black Mirror

Broadcast at the tail end of 2011, Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror trilogy was one of the televisual events of that year. Combining dark comedic nous with scripts that tore open our reliance on technology, expect the next set of three stand-alone episodes to mine similar satirical terrain.

Release date: TBC, Channel 4


Having bypassed the pilot stage on the strength of Bryan Fuller’s script there are high hopes for this next version of the Hannibal Lecter story. Starring Mads Mikkelsen as the titular forensic psychiatrist, it examines Lecter’s relationship with FBI agent Will Graham and the events preceding Lecter’s cannibalistic crimewave.

Release date: TBC

Count Arthur Strong

In his salad days Count Arthur Strong was a massive name in the world of light entertainment. Unfortunately those days are long gone and Arthur is a faded actor (who no longer does any acting) living in a state of constant delusion. This TV adaptation of the hit radio show will be overseen by Strong creator Steve Delaney and Graham (Father Ted) Linehan. So it should be good.

Release date: TBC, BBC2

This Is England '90

Temporarily delayed so director Shane Meadows could conclude his Stone Roses documentary (can’t wait to see that either), the third spin-off from This Is England should finally appear next year. As Combo is released from prison what awaits Lol, Woody and co? Rave culture and Italia 90 will provide a suitably colourful backdrop.

Release date: Winter, Channel 4