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The 10 scariest real life Final Destination moments

The 10 scariest real life Final Destination moments

The 10 scariest real life Final Destination moments

As much as we enjoyed the inventive premise and far-fetched death scenes in Final Destination, we were also left feeling rather vulnerable as we walked out of the cinema. Suspiciously scanning nearby scaffolding, jumping at the sound of a car horn and nervously checking the pavement for potholes, we were quite frankly a wreck.

And while it might have been utter fiction, there have been a worrying amount of real life incidents where people have narrowly avoided a grisly fate. Here are the ten most astonishing ones - in which no one gets hurt (promise).

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Man vs Circular Saw Blade

We're devastated we don't have a video for this.

Mr Xiang was cursing along the motorway to Chongqing in south west China when he heard a large "bang" from the opposing lane of traffic. As he looked to the source of the noise, a 60-inch circular saw blade came bounding over the bushes of the central reservation, slicing its way towards his car. Fortuitously for Mr Xiang, the trajectory of the blade saw it lodge itself into the bonnet of his car - rather than skimming over his bumper and embedding itself in his windscreen.

According to police reports, a pick up truck travelling in the opposite direction had clipped the central barrier, causing its load of rusted saw blades to spill from its rear into the road. 

(Image: Rex)

Man vs saw

Man vs falling crane

Man vs flying rock

Man vs train

Man vs rally car

Man vs bus and car

Car vs boulder

Car vs flying wood

Squirrel vs Lamborghini