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These are the 10 highest paid yet least stressful jobs

If you've spent most of the day tearing your hair our, it could be time for a career change

These are the 10 highest paid yet least stressful jobs
13 December 2016

If your dream job is one that pays a nice big wedge of cash for as little stress as possible, the chances are, you’re in the wrong profession.  

If you need a bit of career guidance, Business Insider consulted the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Occupational Information Network (otherwise known as O*NET), a stats website that rates jobs’ “stress tolerance” from zero to 100, to find the profession that has the perfect combo of a high pay and low stress.

Below are the top 10 ten jobs that that pay on average £55,000 and score a stress tolerance of below 70.  Best get those CVs updated.

10. Economist

Stress tolerance: 59

Average salary: £86,135

Job description: Studying the production and distribution of resources, goods, and services. Fewer numbers than you’d imagine.

Qualifications needed: Bachelor's degree. Easy.

9. Astronomer

Stress tolerance: 62

Average salary: £86,915

Job description: Analyzing astronomical phenomena (fancy speak for space stuff) for general learning and applying the info to practical problems. Not to be confused with astrology AKA predicting twaddle from star signs.

Qualification needed: Ph.D. is standard.

8. Actuary

Stress tolerance: 64

Average annual salary: £87,183

Job description: Analyzing the financial costs of risk and uncertainty. Sounds like a lot of doom and gloom, but with a paltry stress risk of 64 it can’t be all that bad.

Qualification needed: Bachelor's degree and specific exams need to be taken.

7. Mathematician

Stress tolerance: 57

Average annual salary: £88,760

Job description: Researching fundamental mathematics or solving problems in various other fields – science, business management, whatevs – using mathematical techniques.

Qualification needed: Bachelor's, master's degree or doctorate, depending on the gig. In short, get crunching those numbers.

6. Computer Hardware Engineer

Stress tolerance: 67

Average salary: £90,661

Job description: Designing and developing and computers and computer-type equipment. General techy swotting.

Qualification needed: Bachelor's degree from specific, accredited programs.

5. Optometrist

Stress tolerance: 70

Average salary: £91,276

Job description: Examining eyes for vision problems and diseases, prescribing glasses, and getting patients to read ludicrously tiny words off a wallchart.

Qualification needed: Bachelor's, a doctorate in optometry, and a license to practice medicine.

4. Physicist

Stress tolerance: 61

Average salary: £93,445

Job description: Research, experiments, and devising methods to apply physical laws and theories. Proper brainbox stuff.

Qualification needed: Ph.D. for most jobs.

3. Law Teacher

Stress tolerance: 63

Average salary: £99,540

Job description: Self-explanatory, to be honest.

Qualification needed: Bachelor's and law degrees.

2. Computer and Information Systems Manager

Stress tolerance: 64

Average salary: £111,187

Job description: Creating information technology goals for an organization and implementing computer systems. Otherwise known as working in IT.

Qualification needed: Bachelor's degree.

1. Orthodontist

Stress tolerance: 67

Average salary: £174,580

Job description: Looking in people’s mouths, mostly. Involves identifying and treating dental misalignments and oral abnormalities. Now say, “Ahh”.

Qualification needed: Five years dental training, experience working in a dental practice, three years orthodontist, and a masters. Worth it though.