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These 10 movie opening sequences have just been voted the greatest ever

Even better than Alan Partridge doing the Spy Who Loved Me

These 10 movie opening sequences have just been voted the greatest ever
06 December 2016

What makes a great opening title sequence at the movies? Plenty of action? Some flashy graphics? An absolute banger of a tune?

According to this new video from CineFix, there’s a lot more to it than you might think – an art form all of its own.

Counting down the 10 greatest ever, it’s also a mini lecture on what makes a perfect opening sequence – whether it’s visual innovation, creating context for the movie, or hinting at major plot points.

There are a few obvious ones in there. You can’t talk title sequences without talking Bond – which has been the standard bearer for title sequence graphics since Dr No – and everyone remembers the stunning titles from Fight Club, alluding to the psychological trauma and big reveal later in the movie.

There are some unexpected choices too. Nobody expected to see mid-2000s Nic Cage thriller Lord of War, for instance, though in retrospect the action-packed sequence doubles up as a highly creative lesson on the arms trade. Meanwhile, the opening titles from Lolita remain an unsettling (albeit inspired) introduction to the film’s lead characters. Check out the video below.