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The £1,000 retro iPhone 6S is a thing of beauty

The £1,000 retro iPhone 6S is a thing of beauty

The £1,000 retro iPhone 6S is a thing of beauty

A lot of things were better in the eighties. Music. Moustaches. Action films (mainly due to a combination of the former two).

But technology wasn't. No sir. Take 1983's Apple IIe computer - a great lump of discoloured grey plastic that boasted features including the ability to display both upper and lower case letters. Wild.

Yet that hasn't stopped Colorware from drawing on this computing workhorse to indulge in a superb eighties tech throwback. 

This is the iPhone 6S Retro - a modern handset that takes its design cues from Apple's old lump.

There's the glossy Apple rainbow logo, the aged matte 'vanilla' plastic case and a series of darker lines to conjure up memories of the Apple IIe's old cooling ducts.

And the cost of this retro wonder? $1,599 (£1,060) for the 16GB 6S model.

With only 25 available, best place an order now if you want to pocket one.

It'll probably be out of fashion again in another decade - but whose iPhone ever lasted more than a couple of years anyway?

(Images: Colorware)