Terrifying Video Shows What It Would Be Like If Ronaldo And Messi Were Best Friends


You have to feel for Cristiano Ronaldo a little. Any other era of the game and he'd be considered easily the greatest player in the world. Sadly, like Andy Murray in the world of tennis, he has the misfortune to be around at the same time as someone truly superhuman.

And it's clearly something that gets to CR7 - three Ballon D'or wins, and he's still the second-best. There have been rumours for years of a mutual disliking of each other, though each is reluctant to admit it in public.

But just imagine if they were actually the very best of friends? Helping each other out, looking out for each other and just generally being bloody lads together. Well, it would look a little like this terrifying/hilarious video created by Armando Muceku.

Just imagine if they were on the same team together - now that really would be terrifying.