Terrifying police pictures show why you shouldn’t fall asleep with your phone


Smartphones. Technology's way of telling us that we can never escape. 

Such is our daily reliance on these objects once solely made for making calls, even going to bed can prove a struggle to put them down, electing for another check of Facebook, a swipe or two on Tinder, or a response to an unanswered work email - all before stuffing it under a pillow and fighting the urge to pick it up again.

Well perhaps not anymore.

Released by the New York Police Department this week, these images may ensure you never sleep anywhere near your smartphone again.

In the photographs, a charred pillow and mattress are completely burned through after a 15-year-old’s bed reportedly burst into flames when his phone battery overheated and caught on fire - while he was asleep. It's enough to make you glad you're a luddite.

Like any other highly powered electronical device, smartphones are capable of short-circuiting. Sure, even though it’s unlikely to happen statistically speaking, you may want to keep it on charge well away from your bed. 

Or you could always dig the land line out of the attic. It might be bigger than your actual pillow but at least it won’t explode in your face.

[Via: Mail Online]