Tattoo artists of Reddit are revealing the worst tattoos they’ve given

There's little better in the world than seeing a shit tattoo in the wild. Why does that man have his own name tattooed across his knuckles? Why is there a My Little Pony licking that woman's neck?

But we often forget that when it comes to shit tattoos, it takes two to tango. Not only did someone have a terrible idea, someone else agreed to it, took some money, and set to work. 

Which is why we're glad that Reddit is interrogating tattoo artists about their biggest regrets. Sure, a fair amount of them start with the inevitable "I'm not a tattoo artist but...", but there're still some ink-redible tales to cringe through.

Talk about rock bottom

We'll make a star of you yet

What a cock up

But that... that's beautiful


The job's nothing if not varied

Warning: cannot un-read

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And life's biggest unsolved mystery is still "why"?

Nice to see your old schoolmates are still out and about

Honestly, we don't see a problem here

Yeah. We'll be over

The greatest trick the devil ever... you know what, never mind