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'Takeshi’s Castle' is coming back! But it'll have a new presenter

Maybe someone'll win this time

'Takeshi’s Castle' is coming back! But it'll have a new presenter

Poor Craig Charles.

The actor, DJ and… erm… I’m sure he does other stuff too. Comedian? Yeah let’s go with that. Well, he’s finding it increasingly difficult to keep the words ‘TV presenter’ on his CV.

That’s because, for a second time, an iconic Charles vehicle has been rebooted without the Red Dwarf veteran.

First there was Robot Wars, recognisable for the Liverpudlian’s enthusiastic introductions, which made almost as much of an impact as the great Hypno-Disc.

However, when the show returned in 2016, Charles was nowhere to be seen, with Dara Ó Briain and Angela Scanlon taking over presenting duties.

And now? We’re sad to say it has happened again.

Poor Craig has been passed over again

According to Digital Spy, the next Charles-free reboot to hit our screens will be Takeshi’s Castle.

The Japanese show was broadcast in the UK in the early-mid 2000s, with Charles commentating over original footage from Japan, but he was not involved in the short-lived 2013 reboot with Dick and Dom on commentary.

And now, as the show looks set for an entire revamp, Charles will again be passed over.

Jonathan Ross will be the new man at the helm, and there will be a couple of other changes, too.

Jonathan Ross is set to be the new voice of Takeshi’s Castle

According to reports, the new version will be shot in Thailand, not Japan, and Comedy Central has won the broadcast rights. The original run first aired on Challenge TV.

Takeshi’s Castle is the gold standard of physical game shows and we can’t wait to bring the delightful mayhem of this show back to the UK with this new series,” said Louise Holmes of Comedy Central UK.

The new-look Takeshi’s Castle is due to air in the UK later this year.

(Images: Fox Kids/Rex Features)