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Take the gloss off your skin

Latest Biotherm range battles unwanted glimmer

Take the gloss off your skin
07 May 2012

Being dull is normally seen as a ‘bad thing’. Boris Johnson wouldn’t be where he is today without his eccentricities. This is not the case with your skin. When it comes to your complexion, it’s fine to glow, but shining is a no-no. This is why Biotherm Homme has come up with its T-Pur range of products, aimed at preventing you from being mistaken for a glitterball.

Such non-philosophical reflective states are caused by a number of factors. Excess sebum and sweat are key, but things such as stress, diet, humidity and air pollution can all contribute.

The T-Pur range, which comprises a cleanser (£16.50), a toning lotion (£19.50) and a moisturiser (£27), is claimed to provide an anti-shine, anti-oil, anti-sweat and anti-imperfections solution — though we assume the last part only refers to your skin and not any personality issues.

So, if you want your grooming regime to take the gloss off things, it’s time to invest. And remember, the next time someone calls you dull, smile and thank them for the compliment.