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Take on evening work

Take on evening work

Take on evening work
28 January 2014

Paper round? Here are four more dignified ways to up your earnings

Cryptocoin miner

Digital currencies Bitcoin and Litecoin need networks of home computers to track spending. You can lend them a hand – it’s called ‘mining’ – for a transaction fee. It’s too complicated to mine alone, so you could join a pool.

Alcohol delivery magnate

Not surprisingly, this service sees higher demand at evenings and weekends. Obtain a Personal License from the council online – costs start at £37 – then leaflet your area. For big bucks, team up with a local takeaway business.

iPhone photo-grapher

Billions of photographs are needed to fill the internet. The answer? Mobile phone cameras. Anyone with an artistic eye can now take quality shots. Upload them to the Foap Market, which specialises iPhone stock photography. The pics are sold for $10 – of which you get $5.

Mobile barista

Earn with a late-night mobile coffee cart. Coffee Latino rents Piaggio three-wheelers for £50 a week, and give advice on pricing, profits, and help with the first £1,500 worth of stock. A solar panel (£295+VAT) will boost the profits.