Superb Movie Map Series


Now don't be like that - we're not trying to suggest you're bad with directions. Besides, these maps aren't going to help you get anywhere. They're just going to drastically improve the decor of your living room. 

The work of cartographer extraordinaire Anthony Petrie, these movie-inspired maps are set to be shown off at the artist's Gallery 1988 exhibit, Charts. 

From seafaring maps inspired by Jaws to the starry constellations of Star Wars, Petrie's charts incorporate the locations, journeys and routes of major films with a nod toward their wider design. 

With prints available on Gallery 1988's site from 9 January, you can see more of Petrie's work on his site



Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Jurassic Park

Heart of Darkness

(Images: Anthony Petrie)

[Via: Fire Wire]


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