Superb Game Of Thrones Sigil Series


There are three things that George R R Martin has a worrying obsession with: death, sequels and sigils. In that order. 

Taking inspiration from the ancient houses of English lords and European families, every house in the author's Song of Ice and Fire series has its own sigil - an emblem, worn on badges, crests and banners, that usually denotes something of their family's character traits. Think of it as a domestic logo, but with more flare. 

While Martin goes into explicit detail on the appearance of each sigil in his novels, that hasn't stopped HBO's TV adaptation nor countless other illustrators having a go at bringing them to life. The latest series to have caught our eye is a marvellous set by artist Ghostrelic.

Finely detailed, with bold colouring and heavy-on-italic typograhy, the houses of Westeros have never looked so clean. Martin would probably add more blood.

(Images: Ghostrelic)


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