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Superb Artistic Tribute To Wes Anderson

Superb Artistic Tribute To Wes Anderson

Superb Artistic Tribute To Wes Anderson

Twee. Kitsch. Gaudy. Should you level any of these adjectives at the films of Wes Anderson, best not press on with the following art collection - it's only going to upset you.

For those of you (us included) who revel in the delightful world of this exceptional director, you're in for a treat. Spoke Art Gallery is hosting Bad Dads, their fifth annual art show dedicated to the visions of Anderson. Consisting of work from over 80 artists, the exhibit features paintings, prints, sculptures and even a set of trainers inspired by great man's films.

A selection of the works are currently on sale via the Spoke Art Gallery store, so if you can't head out to San Francisco to see them in person you should definitely click on over to check out the full collection. Here are our favourites of this year's series.

Tracie Ching
Matt Chase
Joshua Budish
Derek Ballard
VanOrton Design
James Eads
Nicole Gustafsson
Richard Pellegrino
Tracie Ching
Oliver Barrett
Custom made Team Zissou Adidas
Michael De Pippo

(Images: Spoke Art Gallery)

[Via: Geek Art]