The Suicide Squad director just debunked a major fan theory about Leto’s Joker


You might've been too busy listening to people scream, "WE HATE IT SO MUCH MAKE IT STOP" after Batman V. Superman to hear the whisperings that spread around after the film's release.

Fans of the film theorised that Jared Leto's Joker in Suicide Squad was actually Batman's former sidekick Jason Todd, aka the second Robin.

The movie shows Todd's mutilated Robin suit to showcase his fate at the hands of The Joker, and eagle-eyed fans noted that the bullet holes in the suit correlate with scars on Leto's Joker's shoulder.

This led them to conclude that Todd didn't die, but instead became The Joker himself.

Alas, Suicide Squad writer and director David Ayer has now debunked the theory, considering it the "most ridiculous rumour he's heard about the film" when asked by WSVN-TV.

"It ain't the case," he said. "He’s not."