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Legitimately cool nerd style you need in your life

Stranger Things than your friends are wearing

Legitimately cool nerd style you need in your life

If The Big Bang Theory has taught us anything apart from that they'll let any old bollocks on the telly, it's that embracing the geek inside you is now acceptable. No longer do you have to wear a jumper over your superhero t-shirt to avoid getting a wedgie, because discussing alternative fan theories and campaigning to get Firefly to back on air is the new sexy.

So let's take a look at all the stylish pieces that will boast your fashion credentials as well as your love for Marvel, DC and video games.

Sir David Attenborough

If you don’t watch the upcoming Planet Earth 2/go to your next job interview in this you’re really not living your best life.

Homage Tees, £29.50

Star Wars

Face it, we're not going to get lightsabers in our lifetime, but at least you can settle for a graphic print of one on a staple black sweatshirt with this Return of the Jedi style.

ASOS, £20

Stranger Things

Love Barb, hate Barb, whatever your opinions of the red headed, spectacle donning shunned best friend, there's no denying she's a cultural phenomenon that deserves a place on a t-shirt with an Adele lyric.

Etsy, £15.99

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sick of seeing everyone in the same bomber as you? Teach those copycats a lesson by branding a retro video game hedgehog on the back of one, and when they ask you where you got it from, look them straight in the eyes and say Drop Dead.

Drop Dead, £100


What do Guns 'N' Roses and Marvel heroes have in common? Absolutely nothing, which makes this split t-shirt by Mixed Media artist Kostas Seremetis all the more unique/confusing.

Haven, $400

Rick & Morty

Sonic Youth is cool, adult cartoons are cool. So why not combine the both for an ultra slick t-shirt? Oh, and make sure you buy it from Etsy for added hipster bonus points.

Etsy, £16.76

Louis Theroux

80% cotton. 20% poly. 100% sick.

Homage Tees, £48.50


If you can't be bothered ringing up your parents and asking them to take out your old console out the loft for a dose of nostalgic bliss, just order a pair of these Nintendo hi-top Vans. It's better than risking your dad's life when he inevitably falls off the ladder.

Vans, £60


That Pokemon Go faded pretty quickly, didn't it? It was almost like people didn't want to look like twats chasing invisible creatures around suburban areas. Show dedication to the Japanese show through your style and not your tech with this Pikachu gym tee.

Insert Coin, £22

Resident Evil

Zombies are awesome, but if you're finding it difficult to get over the tragedy of the latest Walking Dead episode and need a different kind of undead, switch back to the classic with this Resident Evil sweatshirt.

Insert Coin, £12

The Walking Dead

Unless you're Hugh Hefner and wear paisley silk kimonos, making dressing gowns look slick is hard, because more often than not you just look like a man child. But this distressed Walking Dead style branded with the first episode's iconic statement (DON'T OPEN DEAD INSIDE) is an absolute treat. No way you're looking like Kevin McCallister in this.



Whether your favourite Dark Knight is Adam West, Christian Bale or Ben Affleck (yeah, right), you can now pay tribute to Batman with these comic book strip inspired Chuck Taylor hi-tops.

Converse, £90