Stupendous Jean-Luc Picard mashup dance remix


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This music mashup is boldly going where no music mashup has gone before.

Well, unless you know of another dance remix which blends the honeyed sounds of Jean-Luc Picard with the dance remix of the Star Trek theme tune. No? Good.

Eclectic Method’s soon-to-be-viral effort takes the rich vocals of Patrick Stewart’s intergalactic journeyman and sets them to a neat dance remix subtly layered with the TV show’s theme tune, giving us an entirely new reason to celebrate an already certified internet hero.

Yep, whether it’s a giant face palm to sum up an epic fail, or looking seriously cheesed off at someone else’s stupidity, Patrick’s years of thespian work treading the boards at the RSC has reaped its rewards all these years later on the World Wide Web.

Next week Picard will be appearing in a Carly Rae Jepsen video with Rebecca Black and the members of OK Go.

See more excellent videos at Eclectic Method's Vimeo page here