Stunning Images Of A Flipped Iceberg


Since that incident with Titanic, icebergs have had a bad rep. But, really, they're the silent, majestic guardians of the ocean.

Famously, they retain 90% of their mass below the water surface, which means that they're generally pretty stable. However, occasionally - if they are relatively young and still finding their balance after breaking off a glacier or ice sheet, or if they are melting and changing shape - they can flip over, revealing their true nature, unadulterated by snow or debris. The process can be dangerous, often creating mini tsunamis that can swamp nearby vessels.

Photographer Alex Cornell managed to capture these stunning images of a recently-flipped iceberg in the Cierva Cove in Antarctica in December last year, showcasing the pure beauty of the ice perfectly.

Take a look at the images below; large format prints will be available soon - follow Alex on Twitter to be informed of their release date - and also follow him on Instagram for more shots.

(Images: Alex Cornell)