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Store manager chases off robber by hurling beer

"Beer... Is there anything it can't do?"

Store manager chases off robber by hurling beer

The throwing of beer is usually a British pass time reserved for football celebrations in crowded pubs or acts of wanton violence. Rarely a display of heroism.

Behold! A British store manager said he chased off a knife-wielding thief by throwing cans of beer at the attempted robber.

Aman Singh-Mann, 29, manager of the Nisa store in Kelvedon Hatch, England, said the masked man came into the store and demanded a female staff member open the cash register.

"I was just out the back having a break when I heard the shouting," Singh-Mann said.

"It was a man shouting 'open the till'. Straight away I knew I had to do something and I just acted on instinct. I went out and saw the man and he was waving the knife around. I grabbed the first thing I could and threw it at him."

Singh-Mann said he threw beer at the robber until he fled the store.

Police said they are trying to identify a suspect.

Via: BBC