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Stop wasting smartphone data with these five tips

Money-saving mobile hacks you’ll wish you’d known about sooner

Stop wasting smartphone data with these five tips
29 January 2018

  1. 1.Stay in sync

    If, like us, you need round-the-clock access to a steady stream of music, download or sync your Apple Music and Spotify playlists while you’re on Wi-Fi, so you don’t waste data streaming your tunes later. Spotify Premium users can download up to 3,333 songs – enough to give even the most ardent muso’s shuffle button a workout.

  2. 2.Stop sneaky automatic updates and background app refreshes

    Look, don’t panic, but you’re probably wasting lots of data…even as you read this. Whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, anything kept open drains data by constantly reloading in the background. Deselect a bunch of apps in the ‘background app refresh’ section of settings and also switch off ‘automatic updates’ to stop iTunes and App Store rinsing data updating the ‘stocks’ and ‘newstand’ apps, which no one has ever used, ever. 

  3. 3.Make your maps available offline

    Do you remember having to print out actual maps on pieces of paper before venturing out of the house? No? Then you are too young, friend. Trust us, it was a nightmare. The streets full of bumbling idiots wondering what to do once they’d walked off the page. Google Maps has changed everything – but it is a data eater. By simply creating maps within the ‘My Maps’ section of the app and making them available offline, you’ll save on both data and battery-life.

  4. 4.Show WhatsApp who’s boss

    A classic millennial conundrum: you’re running out of data, it’s two weeks until your next allowance kicks in, and you desperately want to watch the video that’s just been posted on the “Banter Boys Assemble” WhatsApp thread. What to do? Thankfully, SMARTY customers have a capped set plan and so can check data usage online, removing any sudden, “why can’t I use 4G anymore?” shockers.

  5. 5.Only pay for what you use with SMARTY

    Imagine a world where you were refunded by the pub for all the swill left in the bottom of your pint glass every time you left. Sign up with Smarty and the same principle applies with data. Not only does SMARTY offer unlimited texts, calls and generous data tariffs from £7.50 a month, but they actually knock cash off your next month’s bill for every GB of data left unused. And, if you need more, you can simply switch plans with the touch of a button.

    Find out more about SMARTY here.